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AVO Cigars Event at Owl Ear Smoke Shop

Join us at Owl Ear Smoke Shop for food, prizes, cigars and a great time!

Thursday Dec 15th

3pm - 8pm (MST) in store


Featured cigars:

AVO Cigars 

Avo Cigars are the embodiment of harmony, passion, and an appetite for new experiences.

Raffles include:

Solo Stove Yukon Smokeless Fire Pit 

(MSRP $749.99)

The Biggest, Baddest Smokeless Fire Pit!

The fire pit created for community. Easily light up a smokeless fire anywhere life takes you, and make memories for years to come with the fire pit built to last.

Special packs will be sold

Discounts from now until the day of the event

Special promotions run now until December 15th

Contact us for more information!


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